BDM & ITSM at Impuls ID Distribution

BDM at Impuls ID Systems (USA)

As Business Development Manager of new product line based on robotics disc publishers: • Promote and encourage the distribution network in Latin America to incorporate the new product line. • Contacting potential clients and integrators. • Planning and overseeing new marketing initiatives. • Researching organizations and individuals to find new opportunities. • Finding and developing new markets and improving sales. • Attend conferences, meetings and events of potential application markets. • Training network partners and helping them to close deals locally.

Achievements: • Opening of a new market opportunity around places of worship for disk duplicators. • Sign agreements with big brands on photography market, like AGFA Latinamerica, FUJI Procesos de Color. • Integrate our solution with hybrid digital laboratories and kiosks in digital photography stores. • Introduction of duplication robots for automated backups in organizations.

ITSM & Web Business Development (Spain)

In charge of digital transformation for DATOPACK Group globally (Spain, France, USA, Latam) through technical management and information analysis: • Managing IT staff by recruiting and training employees and monitoring performance. • Monitoring daily operations, including server hardware, software, and operating systems. • Coordinating technology installations, upgrades, and maintenance. • Selecting and purchasing new and replacement hardware and software, when necessary. • Testing, troubleshooting, and modifying information systems so that they operate effectively. • Assuring all IT activities, remaining up to date with advances in technology and industry best practices. • Plan, implement, manage, monitor and upgrade the organization’s website. • Create appropriate website content aligned to the organization’s strategy.

Header picture: Photo Image Brazil 2004, São Paulo