SIS (Student Information System) UOC

The UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) is an online university that offers bachelor degrees, master’s degrees, postgraduate courses and language courses.

In 1995, before the popularization of the Internet, the UOC was born: the first online university in the world, fully designed on the Internet. It started with 206 students enrolled. Today, more than 22 years later, it has 58,792 graduates, 54,022 students and 3,692 teachers.

The UOC 2014-2020 strategy

The UOC Strategic Plan is the roadmap that accompanies the strategy of this university and helps prioritize decision making.

The current UOC Strategic Plan covers the period 2014-2020. It is structured in five axes, which are implemented through 17 strategic objectives.

Moment for change

The context of online higher education has changed radically and to support the strategic plan it is necessary to update the complex system platform of the UOC.

Based on the management of students to the Salesforce CRM and adapting the HEDA module (Higher Education Data Architecture) to the specific needs of the UOC, a profound change of the systems to a microservice-based platform is initiated.

Scope of service

• Consultancy for Software Quality Assurance good practices implementation. • Tools selection and configuration to manage test execution of user acceptance tests. • Managememt of test execution through different stage environments. • Global planning follow-up to support UOC project management. • Reporting about Quality status to the stakeholders at all levels.